We can help you navigate and unify your data to give your company the business-centric outcome you want.

Mattang delivers rapid ROI by unifying and mastering data with the CluedIn platform to improve business outcomes for our clients. We provide expert implementation services for clients who need enhanced data governance, integration, and data cleansing solutions.

Partnering with CluedIn and Microsoft, Mattang delivers a modern master data management solution bringing clarity, unity, and long-term value to our client's data. Our software engineering teams use modern, agile development processes to ensure maximum data synergy.

Data Governance and Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform

You can solve your data quality issues more easily than ever with CluedIn as part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. Mattang partners with you to integrate the CluedIn platform and clean, unify, and augment your data.

The data governance vertical within Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform transforms master data management by providing the best tools today for data quality assurance. This platform is the best in breed, end to end solution for companies who want to get the most out of their data. While Purview gives you a global view of your organizations data lineage and data quality, CluedIn provides the tools required to fix the issues Purview identifies. Mattang expertly integrates your data sources using proven agile methods while working seamlessly with every Microsoft tool you already know and love.


Success Starts Here

At Mattang, we know what it takes to deliver a successful master data management project giving businesses the most value out of their data. Our clients quickly obtain benefits because CluedIn’s advanced platform allows us to use modern development methods for their integrations with any type of data, including unstructured. Below we have outlined why Mattang is the best integration partner for your CluedIn project.

The Tools for Success

Giving our clients the service they need to complete and enhance any CluedIn project.


Our goal is to give our clients a single view of their enterprises’ data.
We can connect CluedIn with any data source type, stream connected data to BI systems, and/or send data back to operational systems. CluedIn Improves and enhances data through enrichment and can use data mesh to load mastered records back into compatible sources.

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Data Analysis

By understanding your data, we can ask better questions, provide correct solutions through CluedIn, and create valuable insights to improve your business. 


We increase CluedIn’s value for our clients through building CI/CD pipelines, ensuring deployment processes are frequent, stable, and of high-quality.


We provide self-paced, comprehensive training to companies new to CluedIn. With each training course completed, your Data Stewards and Administrators will be empowered to use CluedIn effectively.

The Qualities of Success

Every successful project requires a proper planning phase. These key attributes provide a framework for your CluedIn Integration.

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CluedIn is a cloud-native web application that uses Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to manage its technology stack. We believe in CluedIn because it provides the solution to the biggest problems in data management. With AKS, we can deploy this advances technology in the cloud with scalability and reliability.

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We build strong relationships with our clients by maintaining open communication lines prioritizing feedback, sharing project planning resources, and making sure we put the right people on each project to ensure success.


As partners with CluedIn, our integration engineers are knowledge experts on CluedIn’s amazing technology. We use agile, iterative processes allowing our projects continual progress. Our past success is your future success!

Our Proven Process

Mattang assigns a dedicated project manager to every project. We guide our clients each step of the way, while providing our expertise and knowledge to keep your project on track. 

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Shared Vision

Successful CluedIn integrations requires a vision for each company’s data. We work with our clients to develop use-case scenarios, align expectations for success criteria, and create a joint delivery plan.

Big Impact Execution

Unlike data integration projects of the past where the entire data project had to be defined up front, CluedIn’s advanced data platform allows the use of agile or iterative development processes. We leave behind the unsatisfying, prone to failure, big bang process of the past to embrace the use-case driven, graph-enabled, big impact process of the future.  

Big impacts are achieved in two ways: by creating solutions focused on leveraging the most insight from CluedIn’s graph-native platform and by laser focusing on business use cases, utilizing agile practices to achieve the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Rapid Value

We accelerate our client’s path to value by delivering early and often. Business use cases are validated and mastered data is streamed to business intelligence systems. Our client’s get their hands on clean and connected data faster than ever because we leverage all the experience and insight of our previous CluedIn implementations. We deliver rapid value which translates into rapid ROI!

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