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Power of Data

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Where is your data? CRM? HRIS? ERP? 10,000+ other systems? Are these systems integrated? Do you have a 360 view of your data or a single source of truth?

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Disconnected and silo'd data is the biggest problem every organization has, especially when 85% of all attempts to fix this problem fail.

We believe in a future where technology does not limit your data.
A future where you have the freedom of a unified business-centric perspective. ​

At Mattang, we are results driven experts who know how to navigate data. This means every day our mission is to help businesses unleash the power of their data to achieve rapid value and ROI. Our experts are trained to support your project at all stages of the data voyage.  Our clients achieve value quickly because CluedIn’s groundbreaking platform allows the use of modern agile development methods to integrate data successfully. We succeed because we understand master data management is a journey, a voyage, and we will guide you at every stage and at every step along the way.

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